Why use Old Faithful Fountains?

Old Faithful Fountains has specialized in commercial and residential fountains and other water features for nearly three decades. We strive to provide superior service that stems from our knowledge and professionalism in the fountain industry. It is our passion to present true works of art to our customers in order to give them the results that they have always hoped for.

Our goal is to help you beautify your world!

Unique fountains and water features can finally bring the crucial element to your landscape that you have wanted. Old Faithful Fountains has countless options available for your home or workplace and we can also customize a unique water feature just to fit your wishes.

The top reasons to choose our company include:

  • We have almost 30 years of experience
  • We are a small family owned business
  • We solely work on fountains
  • We offer a free estimate for your project

We Have Mastered the Art of Fountains

Old Faithful Fountains is located in Richardson, Texas but we serve customers throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas as well. Not only do we design beautiful, unique fountains, but also we can provide you with any water feature service that you need. Whether you need to purchase a fountain, need a fountain installed, or need any repairs or maintenance to your fountain, come to us. When you work with our company, we work hard to meet your needs. We can offer you consulting services, as well as monthly maintenance agreements.


Call Old Faithful Fountains at 972-231-5059 for a free estimate on your project.